British Made Amp & Cab Covers

How Long Will An Amp Cover Last?

This is a question we are frequently asked – the short answer is – look after it (don’t abuse it) and it will last a loooooong time.

We know this because we have customers who tell us they bought covers several years ago and they are still in great condition.

Look, nothing is indestructible but we do everything we can to make our covers as tough and long-lasting as possible.

The one thing we do that makes a BIG difference and that clearly differentiates our products from others on the market is the binding we apply to the seams.

This protects and reinforces what is generally the weakest part of any cover.

Another thing we do depending on the shape is we cut the front, top and back in one piece – completely eliminating the 2 must vulnerable seam at the top.

We do everything we can to make them as tough as possible so they last for years to come.

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