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How Often Will I Get Updates?

New Update

The short answer is – you won’t get email updates from us until we dispatch it.

You can look your order status up HERE however as we do update it from time to time as the cover is manufactured.

And the reason for that is explained in our infographic below showing all the processes your order goes through.

This hopefully explains why we can’t provide an ongoing commentary – with the volume of orders it’s just not practical.

Here they are:


We hope you can see from this that your order could be anywhere undergoing any one of these processes at any one point in time.

To try and pinpoint one specific order means we have to halt manufacture and rally the team to find it.

This causes unnecessary delays – for everybody – both operators and customers – which is something we strictly avoid.

This is also is why there is ‘radio silence’ between placing the order and getting the dispatch notification – the team are ‘hard at it’ and your order is ‘somewhere’ in the process.

Don’t be offended if you email and we don’t reply personally – our autoresponder explains why that is and also has a link to this page for further clarification.

Thanks for your order and your patience 😉

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