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Thicker Foam Padding vs Board Pouches For Your Amp Or Cab Cover

A question we are often asked is why don’t we offer 1cm foam as padding?

Well, instead of just offering thicker foam we have gone one better – board pouches.

We believe that if you think you need more protection than one of our standard thicknesses, a board pouch or two is a much better option than just thicker foam.

So What Are Board Pouches?

Board pouches are pouches on the inside front or back or both of the cover into which you can insert a piece of thick cardboard, correx, 3mm hardboard, aluminium (very light) or similar.

NO THICKNESS OF FOAM will protect your equipment like a 3mm sheet of hardboard – ever!

So we don’t offer it.

Feedback from customers is that reinforceable covers can be an ideal alternative to flight cases – particularly if you use a sheet of aluminium (or two if you have 2 pouches) as reinforcement, as the cover will be sturdy but still weight less than a flight case. Money-saving as well as equipment-protecting – win-win!

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