British Made Amp & Cab Covers

Why Is There More Than One Listing For My Amp Or Cab?

The dimensions we advertise have been submitted by owners of the equipment.

Like everything, equipment evolves over time which sometimes means sizes change as well.

The reason we list the HxWxD is so customers can compare and choose the version closest to what they have.

Alternatively we have dimensions submissions diagrams HERE where measurements can be sent / confirmed prior to manufacture.

Height measurements always exclude the feet (if any) and we recommend measuring to the outer edge of corner protectors (if any) for ease of application and removal.

Our measurement tolerance is 5mm before adding the manufacturing tolerances so the covers fit and are easy to handle.

So if the advertised measurements are within 5mm of the dimensions of your equipment, the cover will fit.

If you are hesitating as to whether the larger or smaller fit would be better, I would always recommend buying the slightly bigger version – note this has to be within the 5mm measurement tolerance to be right.

Height measurements often vary with one customer including some or all of the foot height in the measurements, and another not – we have no way to check this.

Either way, please take the time to do the HxWxD comparison – it could well save you the disappointment of receiving a cover that is incorrect, having to pay for the return postage both ways and there could well be a charge to re-manufacture it.

Our T’s & C’s around this can be found HERE.

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